Patersani – King Tuts, Glasgow

Patersani are a very photogenic group of lads, which makes for shooting their gigs a little bit easier as you don’t have to try and make them look pretty – they already are. However, it’s not just outward beauty they have in abundance, they have music just as beautiful. When you see this band live you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re not all that lively, but that’s because they’re making intricate music look absolutely effortless. Friday’s last gig of 2016 was no different. A closing set of banging ballads and upbeat rock provided the large crowd with their fill of entertainment to see them out of a year that’s taken so much from the arts. If Patersani continue on their current trajectory then 2017 will be an absolute belter for them and their fans.

All images © Alan K. Gray

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