Picnic Basket Nosedive – Classic Grand, Glasgow

In their last ever show under the guise of Picnic Basket Nosedive, a gig that almost never was, this band of merry (in both spirit and alcohol consumption) juvenile and hilarious young lads took Classic Grand by the balls and swung it around their heads. It’s always a bit of a sad occasion when a band decide to call it a day but PBND are no normal band, if you haven’t been able to tell from their name. From start to finish, they kept the pace and wit dialled up to eleven and were not fazed by the fact they were having to take to the stage a fair bit earlier than first thought. With a strong crowd in front of them – and at times all around them – PBND went out with a bang. Here’s to the rebirth of these talented youths under their to-be-confirmed new band name.

All images © 2015 Alan K. Gray

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